Long Island Photo Gallery - Photos of Long Island
Alyson (Kanney) Betz


Alyson studied photography at Boston University and worked as a freelance photojournalist with several published photographic series to her credit. After college , concurrent to her "day job" Alyson pursued her passion for photography, focusing on animals and the natural environment we live in.

Alyson is an award winning photographer whose photographs have been displayed in magazines, newspapers, websites and in venues in Boston, New York City and Long Island. Alyson has also created a photography book entitled "Memory" in tribute to her beloved dog Claire.

Artist's statement: I hope to express in my photographs the beauty of the environment we live in and the world of animals using the simplest lines and the drama of light. If the viewer appreciates something that might have otherwise seemed ordinary, feels a connection to the scene or a passion for the animals in my photographs- that would make me the happiest photographer in the world.


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